Your district provides the space—SESI provides the staff and classroom model


We’ve got 45+ years of 支持ing 学生 with intensive behavioral needs. In that time, we’ve developed some of the best evidence-based learning models.


We provide each 学生 with personalized instruction while focusing on positive behavioral interventions and 支持s (PBIS*).


以确保 正确的 fit for 每一个 学生, 在地区的教室 can be customized by 用人 一个或多个 我们的课堂模式是根据每个学校的需要. 


SESI以证据为基础的 在地区的教室 (IDC)模型 每一个 学生 (有或没有IEP) 的能力 取得成功-你所在的学区只是提供教室空间, SESI处理所有的员工和编程需求. 与你的地区紧密合作, we can create a customized plan to effectively address your schools’ specific behavioral, 的社会性, and academic learning needs — all working seamlessly within your district’s day-to-day operations.

我们的 早期行为干预 m模型是 short-term, therapeutic education model where 学生 receive extra academic, behavioral, and specialized 支持s needed to fully engage in school, catch up on academic work, and achieve the success they deserve in all 生活的方方面面. 这个模型支持小学生还没有与一个 残疾和经历 挑战在一个适当的行为 传统课堂.

指令 & 服务

  • District-required课程
  • 访问状态 & 当地的标准
  • 获得阅读/数学干预 课程 & 支持
  • 个人 & 小组辅导


我们的 强化行为需求 model serves 学生 who have a developed means of communication and are seeking a more typical classroom experience. These 学生 have mild-to-moderate cognitive disabilities. 这些教室的目标是提供 学生 安全的学习环境, 从而减少破坏性行为, 提高自我意识, and provides an opportunity for increased social skills.

在这个模型中, 学生 experience differentiated instruction and acquire academic skills in four rotations. 在这些轮岗中,为学生提供: 

  • 老师指导指导 that is personalized based on skills, pace, and styles. 
  • 独立的课堂作业 where 学生 learn to self-monitor through guided practice opportunities with the 课程. 
  • 小组强化课程 that focus on social competency-building and interaction as learning proficiency increases. 
  • 基于技术的工作站 that offer computerized learning to supplement traditional

指令 & 服务

  • District-preferred评估 & 课程
  • 访问状态 & 当地的标准
  • 获得阅读/数学干预课程
  • 与IEP目标保持一致
  • 个人 & 小组辅导

SESI B.E.S.T. 课堂模式

A 沟通功能 支持 model is suited for 学生 with autism and developmental disabilities who do not yet have a developed means of communication.

我们的专有程序 utilizes principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) strategies to: i提高以语言为基础的社交和休闲技能培养精细的运动技能减少不适应行为eneralize skills in real-life situations and natural environments 

Each 学生 spends a portion of the day rotating through different modalities of instruction. The skills a 学生 learns in each modality are generalized and transition with that 学生 to the next modality. The end goal is to ensure that the skills 学生 learn can be utilized in new environments, influencing their ability to be independent in real-life encounters.

  • 电机实验室
  • 离散实验教学(DTT)
  • 自然环境教学(NET)
  • 现实生活中遇到 

指令 & 服务

  • 综合替代评估 & 课程
  • 个性化的学术和行为 支持项目
  • 运用ABA原则


It is critical for schools to have a plan that addresses significant behavioral and 的社会性 needs. And our IDC program provides a full-service plan to 支持 you, your 学生, and your parents. 

我们的学区教室解决方案, 这对学生和学区都有利, focuses on intensive needs related to behavior and 的社会性 learning. The solution is simple: you provide the classroom space, and we provide the staff and programming.


国际数据公司(idc) provide school districts with a long-term solution that potentially creates efficiencies in tuition, 运输, and other hard costs while alleviating the stress and hardship of going in alone.

A structured system for 学生 to transition back from private day schools and appropriately integrate with general education peers

A Personalized Setting for Each Student, Within their Home District
个人ized instruction and positive behavioral interventions and 支持s (PBIS), 在一个小的, 高度结构化的治疗学习环境

Planned and paced transitions into general education leads to more opportunities for engagement in school and extracurricular activities


SESI’s goal in establishing dedicated classrooms in your district is simple: 学生 success. By partnering with SESI to create an 在地区的教室, our expectation is that your schools and 学生 will have success stories to share. Those stories may come from district savings – enabling cost allocation to other areas of need – or they could be 学生 learning and applying positive behaviors so they can transition back to their general education classrooms fully engaged in their academics.

“I have a 学生 now who’s come back to my classroom, who is a model 学生. 他上课认真听讲,完成了所有的作业. Now, he’s one of the positive role models and he contributes to the class more than anyone.”

英语老师, 白兰地酒公立学校 (特拉华州)



An 在地区的教室 partnership with SESI is a roadmap to success for your 学生 and families as well as your schools and educators. Learn why we have partnered with districts across the country to create more than 90 在地区的教室.


Successfully Improving Behaviors and Returning Students to the 教室